Welcome to the Society of High Constables of Perth

Welcome to the new website of the Society published in recognition of year 2010 being the 800th Anniversary of Perth being granted Royal Burgh status by King William the Lion of Scotland. It is hoped that the information published provides an overview of the Society, its functions and its history for interested visitors, as well as providing up to date information for members and friends.

The formation of the Society originates from 1830 with the advent of the paid constabulary although the origins of an active constabulary in Perth go back to the 15th century. The Society has 100 members who have a common interest in upholding the history and traditions of Perth and all of whom have sworn allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen. Our primary duties involve parading on civic occasions at the request of the Provost and Council of Perth and Kinross. We are proud of this role and look forward to taking part in the 800th Anniversary Celebrations.
Further historic details will be added to the history section.
The planned duties of the society can be found here
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