The establishing of the Society of High Constables of the City of Perth originates from 1830, forming from the earlier 'constables'. The City records show Henry Hepburn as the first Moderator in 1830, who the year before had been the 'Prese of the constables'.

Prior to this there is a linkage back in history including the Act of 1617 by King James VI which ordained that constables were to be chosen by the Commissioners and Justices of the Peace in their quarter sessions throughout the whole country. The basis for the oath that is still sworn today was detailed in that Act. 

On 6 September 1851 Queen Victoria again arrived at Perth Station, travelling north from London to Balmoral. Although her train only stopped for a couple of minutes, the station platform was thronged with thousands of people, including a contingent of the 79th Highlanders, the High Constables of Perth, magistrates and other dignitaries.

High Constables Perth History


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