Office Bearers

Moderator: Andrew Hunt

Ex-Moderator: Iain M Halliday

Vice-Moderator: Ian K Lindsay

Secretary: Alexander J Stewart

Treasurer: John G Cowmeadow

Custodier: Michael M Norval

Auditor: Philip Leadbetter, F.C.I.B.S.

Chaplain: Michael A Archibald, C.A.

Physician: Dr Alan A Connacher


Solicitor: Ronald R Thom

Jeweller: TBA

The Council of the Society:

The Moderator, Ex-Moderator, Vice-Moderator, the six Captains of the the divisions, Secretary, Ex-Secretary, Treasurer, Ex-Treasurer, Custodier and Ex-Custodier.


The Division Captains:

1st - Donald P McDonald

2nd - John S Gellatly

3rd - Martin E Payne

4th - Charles M Gallagher

5th - James P Thomson

6th - Alexander D Scrimgeour

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