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2 June 1953  Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

5 June 1944    Society Member Thomas Hunter M.P. knighted

24 June 1896    Society Excursion by rail to Aberfeldy


The formation of the Society originates from 1830 with the advent of the paid constabulary although the origins of an active constabulary in Perth go back to the 15th century.

The Society has 100 members who have a common interest in upholding the history and traditions of Perth and all of whom have sworn allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen.

Our primary duties involve parading on civic occasions at the request of the Provost and Council of Perth and Kinross. We are proud of this role and the part we played in the 800th Anniversary Celebrations.

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High Constables bear a natural allegiance to their Sovereign. They had a quasi-judicial office and in bygone centuries were charged with maintaining law and order in the locality. As such a High Constable is required to swear an Oath of Allegiance.

The Oath which is sworn in front of the provost of Perth and Kinross District Council, is as follows;

"I do Swear that I will be Faithful and Bear true Allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Her Heirs and Successors according to Law. And I further Swear that I will well and truly Serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth in the Office of High Constable of the City of Perth and will Loyally and Faithfully perform the duties of that Office and will do Right to all Manner of People after the Laws and Usages of this Realm, without Fear or Favour, Affection or Ill-will. So help me GOD."


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