Annual dinner

The Annual Dinner of the Society is usually held on the second Wednesday in December. Members are entitled to attend as part of their membership, and are encouraged to bring guests to the evening.

First known to have been held in the Salutation Hotel in 1853, the venue alternated between the Royal George and the Salutation throughout the second half of the 19th Century. It was 1900 when first held at the Station Hotel.

In recent times, it had a long run at the Station Hotel, then moved to the Salutation Hotel in 2006. The next Dinner will be the 16th in a row to be held in the Salutation.

The event is seen by some as the highlight of Perth social life and is maintained as a traditional black tie event for members, with the top table sporting white tie and tails.

The task of organising the dinners is one of the most admired, but least sought after positions.

Over the years great strides have been made from the recorded 34 speeches, 2 songs (one of which having 16 verses), to the more manageable of around 8 with 2 intervals.

The next Dinner is planned for Wednesday 13 December 2023.

Annual Dinner

Toast list from 1877.


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