Kindred Societies

There are in fact 3 other Societies of High Constables across Scotland.

The High Constables and Gaurd of Honour of Holyroodhouse

This is the smallest with 30 members who are answerable to the hereditary keeper of the Bailie of Holyrood, the Duke of Hamilton, undertaking ceremonial duties in the Palace of Holyrood whne the monarch is present or represented.

The High Constables of Edinburgh

The largest of the 4 with 276 members split into 23 wards with history from 1617 when James VI made his final departure to London. Edinburgh has grown and absorbed neighbouring societies including Canongaye, Calton and Portobello.

The High Constables for the Port of Leith

With 50 members and a history from the 17th century their duties are very similar to the others but being based around a port extend to include the suppression of piracy and smuggling.

Kindred Societies of High Constables


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